Polychrome: Serum Polyphonics (PRESETS)

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The Full Spectrum.

A polyphonic world, full of saturated colour and possibilities: welcome to Polychrome.

70 fully expressive harmonic instruments spanning a complete breadth of tonal choices. From powerful modern synths recognisable in todays hottest records, all the way back to retro ‘analog’ patches modulating in vintage drift. No matter the demand, there’s a stand-out sound for every occasion. 

Perform and combine tones between carefully recreated percussive E-Pianos, deliciously warm Rhodes, FM synthesised DX keys, organs, vocal stacks… even tape effected mellotron flutes. The extensive collection of classic retro synths is always ideal to fall back on, recreating famous vintage synthesis pathways with exacting character.

Spanning multiple styles and genres, spread across 14 carefully organised categories, and all synthesised live with some of the most expressive programming we've put in to a pack to date, we've made this a collection to keep reaching for.

Each preset has been lovingly designed with the detail and precision we’re well known for, all the while using Serum’s flexible synthesis capabilities at their fullest potential. With full velocity sensitive expression, modwheel and macro routings spread across multiple parameters in every patch, Polychrome stands as an upgrade containing uniquely playable and characterful instruments within each of their own rights.

In the flow.

For the ultimate patch-and-play experience, every preset is delivered at a suggested optimum level and envelope straight out the box - giving you the power to perfectly compare and contrast in context with ease when choosing the right colour for the moment.

With our past offerings gracing global hits, and full control of these sonic details now in your hands - the rest is up to you.

Available as part of a bundle: Polychrome, Bass Mechanics, Polestar

Preset Pack Contents:

In this curated folder containing 70 x Poly Presets for Xfer Serum (V1.351 or later), you'll find:

  • 9 x Keys
  • 7 x 'Modern'
  • 15 x 'Retro'
  • 4 x Organ
  • 3 x Brass
  • 4 x Vocal
  • 6 x Wavey
  • 2 x Dirty
  • 4 x Phase
  • 4 x Sequence
  • 3 x Thick
  • 7 x Simple
  • 1 x Tron
  • 1 x 'Chord'