Clap Foundations (WAV)

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Get Cracking.

+ Presenting your one-stop shop for that crisp, characterful, alternating rhythmic staple: Clap Foundations.

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Unlock a powerful spectrum of dynamic live and retro machine-based claps and snaps, each built from scratch to sonically accentuate your mix's energy with the style and authenticity deserving of any hit. 

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+ Create your own dynamic and energetic clap/snap loops featuring variation and movement using the preconstructed 'round robin' sample groups, subtly alternating for the detail and realism that takes a rhythm track to the next level.

Including: layered hip hop junk shots, gang stacks, crisp disco drum machine/live hybrids, stadium hits, air swells, 808s, funk snaps, chunky noise-based house attacks, to raw dry single foley shots, and more.

As always you can impeccably paint those sonic boundaries in full stereo and with the professionally balanced frequency responses you know we strive for at every stage.

Inside you'll find a whopping 418 MixReady loops, one shots and sound design layers, across 6 key categories, all meticulously crafted to get you clapping - and your music perfected.


418 x Samples in 24bit, 44100khz WAV format:

  • 13 Clap/Snap Loops
  • 121 RR Alternating Group Claps
  • 114 Modern Claps
  • 71 Vintage Claps
  • 16 Snaps
  • 83 Clap Layering Tools