Polychrome + Bass Mechanics + Polestar, Bundle (PRESETS)

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*Note: All sounds featured are the raw instrument patches, with no further processing.

The Triple Threat.

+ The complete bundle of our freshest go-to preset packs for Xfer Serum (V1.351 or later)


Containing a total of 174 fully expressive patches, all finely tuned with our powerful sonic signature and exacting attention to detail - welcome to the upgrade.

Audio Demos:

100% audio straight from the Serum Patches contained in the pack - no other processing.

Poly - (Seq) Time Crystal


Poly - (Keys) Cutesie, Lead - (Pluck) Evergreen, Bass - (Dirty Long) Gorgon Crawler, Poly - (Keys) Autowah, Lead - (Modern) Ocean


Poly - (Modern) Saw Chorale, Lead - (Vintage) Yacht Life, Bass - (Clean Long) Reliable, Lead - (Bell) Bella


Poly - (Keys) E-Piano Ballad, Poly - (Keys) Rhodes Island, Poly - (Retro) You Know


Poly - (Keys) Clavinot, Bass - (Retro) 8th Peaks, Poly - (Vocal) Bot Choir


Poly - (Simple) Fresh Pages, Bass - (FM Short) EFFM, Bass - (Formant Short) Electrode, Bass - (Reese Long) Breakdown, Poly - (Vocal) Bot Choir


Poly - (Modern) Saw Chorale, Bass - (Clean Long) Filter Res, Poly - (Organ) Bright, Bass - (Retro) 8th Peaks, Poly - (Seq) Baba, Lead - (Retro) Memories


Poly - (Modern) Steelpan, Bass - (Formant Short) Electrode, Poly - (Phase) Polarized


Poly - (Retro) Dark Motif, Lead - (Vocal) Toasted Voxverb, Poly - (Dirty) Scream, Lead - (Arp) Baroque the Boat, Poly - (Vocal) Warmvox, Poly - (Retro) Retro Verber


Poly - (Retro) Classic 1, Poly - (Organ) DX Organa, Lead - (Funk) Vox Pluck, Poly - (Vocal) Bot Chorale, Bass - (Retro) Warm Touch


Poly - (Retro) Retro Stack 1, Bass - (Retro) Retro Verber, Poly - (Modern) Saw Chorale, Lead - (Retro) Memories, Lead - (Arp) Gentle Arper


Poly - (Retro) Special Agent, Lead - (Modern) Hair Snakes, Bass - (Formant Long) Polarized, Lead - (Bell) Retro Roland