RnB Drums: Booster Series (WAV)

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Knock out.

A collection of fresh go-to RNB/Hip Hop drums and loops, engineered to leave your drums bumping and your mixes hitting true.

It’s no secret that certain sounds in hip hop production show up time and time again. We’ve taken a deep dive through it all, and designed from scratch this compact + heavyweight collection of tried and tested drum samples to take your output to the next level.

Get ready to replace those overly rinsed samples with the next step up in quality.

This compact booster pack contains 10 kicked back loops, 6 freshly stacked claps, 15 rapid fire hi hats, 17 heavy bumping kicks, 5 percussion hits, and 21 snapping snares and rims.

+ Part of the Booster Series – feed your niche with a laser focused collection of high-grade sounds.

74 x 32Bit 44100hz WAV samples. Instant download.