Kick Foundations (WAV)

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+ After extensive research and sound design development, we're proud to present the first in our 'Drum Foundations' series: Kick Foundations.

A comprehensive package of 250 game-changing, idealised kick drum samples.

 Free Demo Pack

We analysed hundreds of hours of hit songs across multiple genres to discover exactly which characteristics make a bass drum punch, punctuate, and support their mix effectively. Discovering trends in their frequency profiles and dynamic balance, we combined this knowledge with the cutting-edge styles of today to create this go-to collection of kick sounds - with a quality that is truly 'off the charts'.

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+ Built using the broadest spectrum of techniques and sources, from the most up-to-date FM synthetic and acoustic modelling down to phase accurate multiband ADSR layering and upcycling of classic vinyl cuts.

7 essential categories of expertly crafted kick drum samples, each with the optimal punch to build your mix around.

As always we've ensured our samples feature strong transients, deep low end, and an idealised frequency response across every stage. 

+ Where appropriate, each MixReady kick is key-labelled to its fundamental release stage, to allow engineers and producers maximum control of phase coherence and fatness in the mix.

250 x Samples in 24bit, 44100khz WAV format:

  • 39 Future Kicks
  • 39 Classic Kicks
  • 23 HipHop Kicks
  • 33 House Kicks
  • 25 Breakbeat Kicks
  • 49 Stepper Kicks
  • 42 Dirty Kicks

*Note on the demos: All kicks featured are the dry WAV files, with no further processing