Modern Pop Drums: Booster Series (WAV)

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Off the charts.

Presenting a staple folder of intricately designed one shot drums and loops, ready to find their home amongst your most essential samples.

This condensed collection of clean and powerful drum sounds were specifically engineered with clarity and mix translation in mind, and contains some of our favourite loops yet.

Featuring utility hits to hold together any mix, many of these drums have that magic pop quality of working in almost any context - designed to be both heavy and clean, huge but tight, punchy yet round, all with that ambiguously musical balance which can elevate a song to the stratosphere.

Bring your best songwriting and performances – we’ve supplied the drums.

This compact Booster pack contains 24 hit-inducing drum loops, 9 utility kicks, 12 powerful snares/rims, and 5 perfectly stacked claps/snaps.

+ Part of the Booster Series – feed your niche with a laser focused collection of high-grade sounds.

50 x 32bit 44100hz WAV samples. Instant download.