Drum Machine Hybrids (WAV)

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Iconic Upgrades.

What happens when you pull apart the most iconic drum sounds around, and completely re-engineer over eight hundred brand new samples from the best components of each? Fully updated with freshly synthesised lazer accurate transients, punchy fundamentals and some of the most powerful sound design of today...?

Presenting Drum Machine Hybrids.

All the authentic retro character behind decades of incredible hits, with all the cutting-edge punch of the moment.

This is the elevated sound of some of the most essential samples in any producer's collection - now taken to the next level.

Sample Library Contents:

Spread across 54 folders containing a total of 837 x 32bit 44100hz samples, inside the pack you’ll find:

  • 198 Drum Loops (40 Full, 29 Percussion, 17 Tops, 34 Hi Hat, 20 Shaker & Tamb, 10 Glitch, 8 Fills, 18 Clap, 13 Kick Snare, 9 Rhythmbox)
  • 569 One Shots (82 Kicks, 107 Snares, 178 Percussion, 117 Claps & Snaps, 47 Hats, 38 Cymbals)
  • 70 FX Samples (14 Hits, 7 Sweeps, 5 Loops, 11 Lazers, 10 Glitch, 7 Beeps & Bloops, 6 Downsampled, 10 Misc)

Audio Demos:

Drum Loops (10/198)












Drum Shots (10/569)












FX (5/70)







On The Design Process:

We've lovingly investigated and painstakingly recreated infamous individual drum layers (transients, fundamentals, releases etc) using just about every practical form of synthesis available, alongside sourcing and de-aliasing the very cleanest prototypical examples of the original units.

Once deconstructed and reinforced with phase aligned synthetic components, both entirely new and upgraded original samples were tastefully stitched back together - all the while reproducing many of the historic production techniques of their day (with a particularly deep dive on compression approaches and layering methodology).

Present day improvements upon the original ingenious methods of sample playback allowed for the creation of endlessly variable hi-hat loops, and of 'humanised' organic hand percussion lines.

From here some sounds remained perfectly pristine; for others we recreated their crunchy digital pathways and pushed them back in time and character, using the most authentic contemporary digital fx units. Wherever appropriate, variations for claps, toms, cymbals and more were rendered and perfected for the discerning producer.

And to wrap things up comprehensively, next to freshly remastered original hits we've dialled in entirely new FX, percussion and heavyweight sounds with the most up to date means of creation, in our ever reaching quest to provide the most game-changing sounds available.

The result? Big smiles, and Drum Machine Hybrids.