Bass Mechanics: Serum Bass (PRESETS)

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Fundamental Engineering.

Ever noticed how a well designed low end always takes your mix to the next level? Gluing in place your sonics with depth and power, while sitting in complete harmonic balance with your other channels...? You'd almost think it was magic - it's not.

Presenting Bass Mechanics.

52 intricately tuned examples of the most essential bass sounds in rotation today, all designed to elevate whichever track you care to throw them at. 

Featuring heavyweight 808s, growling Reese bass layers, super clean and bouncy bass hits, extended legato low-end riff machines, all the way through to short and snappy harmonic rich FM Stabs and swiss army sub harmonic utility patches, there's a multitude of earth-shaking oscillations waiting to knock on your DAW.

Hitting a breadth of styles and genres, the patches are spread across 12 carefully organised categories to point you straight at the sound you need; and are all synthesised live with some of the most expressive programming we've put in packs to date.

Each individual bass patch has been designed with fully expressive velocity, modwheel and macro routings - placing fundamental control of exactly how your low end hits right at your hands.

In the flow.

For the ultimate patch-and-play experience, every preset is delivered at a suggested optimum level and envelope straight out the box - giving you the power to perfectly compare and contrast in context with ease when choosing the right tone for the moment.

Already in use by some of the hottest producers on the planet, here's a direct chance to join the upgrade.

* Available as part of a bundle: Polychrome, Bass Mechanics, Polestar

Preset Pack Contents:

Across this essential folder containing 52 x Bass Presets for Xfer Serum (V1.351 or later), you'll find:

  • 4 x 808
  • 4 x Clean, Long
  • 9 x Clean, Short
  • 8 x Dirty, Long
  • 6 x Dirty, Short
  • 5 x FM, Short
  • 1 x Formant, Long
  • 1 x Formant, Short
  • 3 x Reese, Long
  • 5 x Retro, Long
  • 1 x Retro, Short
  • 5 x Sub