Retroplex: Serum VHS (PRESETS)

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Feature presentation.

30 authentically wavey and tape warped VHS preset patches for Xfer Serum, inspired by the blown out nostalgic sound of early video.

Including magnificently 80s sequences, warm and drifting basses, melodic leads and synths to melt your digits over.

Whether it’s from childhood or simply a modern day love affair, the perfectly imperfect sounds of VHS stir uniquely expressive emotions, and remain a staple fascination of genres across the board from vaporwave through to the current biggest hits.

It's time to dust off your workstation and feel the wave.

+ Part of the Booster Series – feed your niche with a laser focused collection of high-grade sounds.

30 x Serum Presets (v1.345 recommended)

  • 2 x Arps
  • 7 x Basses
  • 3 x Bells
  • 2 x Drones
  • 2 x FX
  • 2 x Keys
  • 5 x Leads
  • 1 x Pad
  • 2 x Sequences
  • 1 x String
  • 3 x Synths