Immersion: Serum Cinematics (PRESETS)

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Ready Up.

+ Pulse racing, hi-tech dystopian instruments and sci-fi patches: welcome to Immersion.

+ This is the advanced sound of Xfer Serum's programming when pushed to it's cinematic limits - unleashed across 128 action packed presets, all filled with widescreen futuristic detail to dramatically lift any track to the next dimension.

What's inside:

Providing immediate access to fine-tuned sequences and sound design techniques, you'll quickly be creating some of your most technically impressive music yet - whether it's for the screen or for the charts:

Discover infinitely generative automatic glitch patches, expressive leads, dystopian bass sequences, thematic poly synths, tension building drones and fxdeep atmospheric pads, and a brooding landscape of sounds in-between; all waiting to be unpacked and let loose.

Audio Demos:

100% audio straight from the Serum Patches contained in the pack - no other processing.





PAD_woodlands, DRONE_obsidian, SYNTH_empire, LEAD_unsung


SYNTH_absolution, SYNTH_hangtime, SYNTH_orbits, BASS_teeth, GLITCH_distillery_[seq]








ARP_habitat, BASS_crawler






LEAD_scalar, GLITCH_toploader, BASS_sub_shiver







128 Presets for Xfer Serum (V1.345) Full List

  • 9 x Arp Sequences
  • 24 x Basses
  • 6 x Subs
  • 18 x Drones
  • 6 x Drum Sequences
  • 6 x FX
  • 15 x Glitch Layers
  • 10 x Leads
  • 10 x Pads
  • 21 x Synths
  • 3 x Vox Patches

Behind the scenes.

+ Explore the innovative synthesis methods under the hood and upgrade your own capabilities.

+ Each patch has all four macro assignments, with full velocity sensitive expression and modwheel control where beneficial, placing complete control of the action at your fingertips.

Whether you're scoring your next blockbuster soundtrack or finally ready to upgrade your output with cutting edge sound design - Immersion awaits.