MIX002: Snare Foundations

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Snare Drum Utopia.

+ We're extremely excited to unleash the next instalment of our pristine, idealised percussion series: Snare Foundations.

Featuring all the punch, crack and sizzle a snare has to offer.

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We went deep on this one, exploring a range of the most effective transient styles, dynamic balances and tonal profiles, to create 240 MixReady snare drum samples - all the product of considerable investigation in to the characteristic snare sounds of chart-topping records.

From a breadth of organic and synthetic origins, the best of both worlds have been carefully combined to form punchy, characterful sounds with which to punctuate your mix. Pre-stacked A+B hits, razor-sharp synth percussion, classic hip-hop crunk, completely remastered infamous retro snares, and futuristic heavyweight attacks for the most cutting-edge bass music.

Spread across 7 essential categories in total, each sample has been meticulously designed to work flawlessly in the mix, and fashioned to become a staple part of an advanced producer's sample library.


240 x Samples in 24bit, 44100khz WAV format:

  • 40 Future Snares
  • 20 Classic Snares
  • 40 HipHop Snares
  • 30 Punchy Snares
  • 40 Rock & Acoustic Snares
  • 20 Tight & Ghost Snares
  • 50 Pre-Stacked Snares